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Fuck the OTHERSIDE pt2

Like bitch don’t do SHITTTT N O T H I N G but sit on ya ass alll fucking day and preach your Muslim bullshit (no offense to the Muslims but I’m tired of hearing the shit) and it’s really just grinding my fucking gears omg no one understands like mfs really be alllll types of ducking SAD


Fuck my sons fathers family that’s on my LIFE I don’t ask them for shit never did I don’t talk to them unless I’m talking to my sons father because he’s in jail. I send my sons father money and write him and put up with his bullshit because I want my son to have his father he really dose love his dad and is sad and it fucking hurts that he has this shity ass side to call ” family ” long story short I ask the old bitch to watch my son so I can WORK not go party or lay up with the next niggha but WORK earn a honest good hard living for me and my son at first she’s with it yeah then 2 days later she goes I can’t watch him for the same reason my mother can’t watch him but my mother watches my son allllll the Fucking time she DESERVES a break like so then this bitch gonna say pay her lmfao like no bitch I will kill you


Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion. Girl I guess that must be you.

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